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Slide Racks

  • Heavy anodized Aluminum Extrusion
  • Rigid, easy to clean, fine appearance
  • Orders slip into rack with ease and are held by ball-bearings that allow lateral "slip"
  • Wall mounted horizontally (only)
  • Available in nine standard lengths
  • All racks are 2.75" high
Orda Slide Racks closeup


  • Heavy duty, holds better in high wind environments
  • Installed on edge or underside of shelf
  • Clips are easy to replace
  • Includes all screws for mounting on the wall
Orda Bar closeup

Pot and Pan Racks

  • Selected alloy aluminum with satin anodized finish to assure fine appearance and ease in cleaning. Also includes plated steel double hooks that are easy to space.
  • Extra hooks available. All units are packed individually with necessary hardware.
  • All units have high built-in strength. It is installer's responsibility to secure equally well.


Double Hooks24
Packed1 ea.
Shipping Weight24 lbs


Double Hooks12
Packed1 ea.
Shipping Weight17 lbs

Double Rack for Wall Installation


Working Length48″
Overall Length53″
Width (From Wall)12″
Double Hooks16
Packed1 ea.
Shipping Weight16 lbs
  • Assembles with 8 Bolts
  • Installs with 6 Lag Screws
Double rack for wall installation

For Wall or other installation


Projection from Wall18″
Double Hooks3
Packed1 ea.
Shipping Weight3 lbs
  • Installs with 3 Lag Screws

For Wall installation

PP-2, PP-3, & PP-4

Catalog No.Working LengthWidth from WallDouble HooksPackedShipping Weight
PP-1818″8.5″41 ea.6 lbs
PP-224″8.5″51 ea.6 lbs
PP-336″8.5″71 ea.7 lbs
PP-448″8.5″101 ea.9 lbs
  • Installs with 6 Lag Screws

SRK Series Racks

Catalog No.LengthHangersShipping WeightPacked
SRK-112″42 lbs1
SRK-1818″63 lbs1
SRK-224″84 lbs1
SRK-336″125 lbs1
SRK-448″167 lbs1
SRK-560″209 lbs1
  • Unit shown is SRK-3 - 36" length
  • Unit shown is LRS-3 - 36" length
Lid Rack System

LRS Series Racks

Catalog No.LengthHangersShipping WeightPacked
LRS-112″42 lbs1
LRS-1818″63 lbs1
LRS-224″84 lbs1
LRS-336″125 lbs1
LRS-448″167 lbs1
LRS-560″209 lbs1