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Fine Food Service Equipment

Pot and pan rack

"Something every kitchen needs"

  • "Snap-Rack" Kitchen Utensil Racks
  • "Lid Rack System" Food Pan Cover Storage
  • "Orda-Slide Racks"
  • "Orda-Bars"
  • "Sparke" Pot and Pan Racks
  • "orda Wheels" Replacement Parts

Our Roots

In 2006, the Sparke Company celebrated 50 years of manufacturing Quality products, competitively priced, for the Food Service industry, well-furnished home kitchens, and efficient document handling and display, anywhere quick-access and reliable functioning is needed.

From the industry-standard OrdaWheel, based upon its predecessor, the OrdaBelt, the Sparke family business has its roots in founder H.A. Sparke’s early involvement in the restaurant business. If a waitperson has taken your order, there’s a good chance the order was prepared with the help of a Genuine Sparke product.

Series Products

Slide Racks

  • Heavy anodized Aluminum Extrusion
  • Rigid, easy to clean, fine appearance
  • Orders slip into rack with ease and are held by ball-bearings that allow lateral "slip"
  • Wall mounted horizontally (only)
  • Available in nine standard lengths
  • All racks are 2.75" high
Orda Slide Racks closeup


  • Heavy duty, holds better in high wind environments
  • Installed on edge or underside of shelf
  • Clips are easy to replace
  • Includes all screws for mounting on the wall
Orda Bar closeup