Both these 1960ís models have improved over the years. The one shown center is the OrdaWheel with Movable base. At right, Lona is the friendly voice who answered your phone calls for over 20 years.

             In 2006, the Sparke Company celebrated 50 years of manufacturing Quality products, competitively priced, for the Food Service industry, well-furnished home kitchens, and efficient document handling and display, anywhere quick-access and reliable functioning is needed.

             From the industry-standard OrdaWheel, based upon itís predecessor, the OrdaBelt, the Sparke family business has itís roots in founder H. A. Sparkeís early involvement in the restaurant business. If a waitperson has taken your order, thereís a good chance the order was prepared with the help of a Genuine Sparke product.

             Our industry-leading SnapRack utensil rack is comfortable with ladles and spoons, stainless pot lids, meat saws, tongs, spatulas or whatever you might need to have handy, yet out of the way, in your busy commercial or home kitchen.

             Sparke Pot and Pan racks put an end to squatting and bending, freeing cabinet space in an attractive and convenient display of your cookware.

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